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Brian (Speedy) Ramirez

Certified Sports Massage Therapist

Hello, my name is Brian Ramirez or Speedy I have been in this profession for about 5 years now. I graduated from Fremont College on June 24, 2017, and have an Associate of Science Degree in Sports and Rehabilitation Therapy. It was a course revolving around the quality care of athletes and different pathologies that athletes or people that don't do sports may experiencing. The reason why I choose this career path was because of Boxing. One of my coaches from the time helped me relieve my pain from my ankle and opened up the doors for me. I have been training for about 10 years now and still do it to this day. My goal is to provide the best quality care for athletes and for the people that hurt themselves in their workplace or regular activities. I have also helped many people that suffer from either lower back pains which is the most common thing that many people suffer from. Thank you for visiting my Website and hope you Book your Speedy Recovery Massage soon! Everyone needs it!

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